Why You Should Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer and Cinematographer | COMPLETE weddings + events | Kansas City MO

The average wedding in Kansas City Missouri costs approximately between $23,451 and $39,084, according to costofwedding.com. When it comes to wedding photography and videography couples spend an average of $3,098. For most, this is the first time they have ever planned a wedding. The couple may not know exactly what they want, but they do know that they want their love story captured in a memorable way and this is where visual storytellers (photographers and cinematographers) can work their magic.


Because of their lack of experience in hiring these professionals they often do not understand what actually entails in being a wedding photographer or wedding cinematographers or the value of hiring a professional. This is where the power of perception comes into play. From an outsider looking into the situation they are just a person with a camera pressing a button. Behind the scene though, each pose and location chosen came from a careful thought;  each lens grabbed is a different tool that can convey a different feeling in the process of capturing the bride and grooms visual love story. As creative minds, they see things in scenes and landscapes that other people may not see. This aspect of photography is one of the things I personally love most because it allows photographers and cinematographers to differentiate themselves from one another. Each storyteller will have a different way of going about conveying the couple’s special day through composition, posing, lighting and editing. This is just a small window into the creative mindset of a photographer and or cinematographer on the wedding day. The unique perception that each photographer or cinematographer has is invaluable. Add the power of the unique perception each artist holds along with their personality, education, equipment and experience in the wedding industry and this is where you will find the value.

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