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You have found the perfect partner and are now engaged – Yea!  Now you just need to start planning a wedding and decide in which season to get married. Why not Winter?  Here are some perks for saying “I Do” in the chilly months!


We all know weddings are expensive, but who doesn’t like to save some money?  Most wedding venues and professionals have off peak pricing during the slower months allowing you to spend money on other things.


Spring and Fall are crazy busy for all of us here in the wedding business because it’s the most popular time to get married. There is nothing worse than telling a bride or groom with an October wedding, “Sorry, all of our DJs are booked”.  I can hear the disappointment in their voice and I can’t do anything about it! The likelihood of your dream wedding professionals being booked up is much less with winter weddings.


Been dreaming of metallic blues and silvers on your wedding style board?  Or being surrounded by beautifully lit Christmas trees draped with twinkle lights and sparkly tinsel and ornaments?  Christmas and winter wonderland decorations have always been a favorite.


You’d be correct in thinking that winter weddings are probably a doubled edged sword. You should always plan on having an indoor ceremony and reception so you don’t have to stress out about changing your plans if the weather doesn’t cooperate.  Not to mention you don’t have to worry about the wind or rain messing up your hair!

Dynamic Winter Wedding Night Photograph
Christmas Tree Decoration
Christmas Tree Wedding Decoration
Winter Wedding Portrait

Photography by COMPLETE weddings + events Kansas City

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